We carefully source the best quality and freshest ingredients to promote health, environmental sustainability and farmer livelihood. All of our suppliers are Australian, except sometimes our organic dried herbs and spices are sourced overseas, when not available in Australia. 


Inglewood Farms

Inglewood Farms is Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken located near Inglewood on the southern edge of the Darling Downs.  They’re dedicated to rearing premium quality chickens using strict certified organic farming methods. Their birds forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended, exposed to fresh air and sunshine. The result is superior taste, texture and a lean meat that's good for you. 

ACO: Certificate Number 4528

Eco Farms

Eco-farms are an Australian distributor of certified organic natural foods and seasonal produce. Their foods are sourced from growers and producers throughout Australia. Knowing that we can trace their ingredients back to their growers gives us even more assurance on quality control and that we are delivering you a high-grade product.  

ACO: Certificate Number 201

Belmore Meats

Belmore Meats are dedicated to supporting 100% organic and biodynamic farming. Their bones are sourced from small independent farmers in regional NSW and VIC. When these stocks run low, Belmore Meats get their supply from two of the bigger beef suppliers in Australia, Australian Organic Meats and OBE Organic. All their beef bones are 100% grass fed and finished ensuring sustainable and natural farming. “Nose to tail eating” is also an important part of the philosophy at Belmore Meats, making sure nothing goes to waste!  

Organic Food Chain (OFC) Certified Organic No: 0729.

Mock Red Hill

Located in the heartland of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Mock Red Hill uses advanced organic farming methods to produce premium biodynamic apple cider vinegar. We use this in our broth to help draw out all the amazing health-boosting nutrients from the bones.

Certified by DEMETER Bio-Dynamic. 

Olsson Industries

Olsson Industries is the oldest family-owned and operated company producing salt in Australia. Their salt is unique because of their location in both the Eyre Peninsula and Rockhampton resulting in a 100% mineral rich sea salt that’s free from any additives. 

Mount Zero Olives

The Mount Zero Olive Grove is one of oldest olive groves in Australia. A family owned business, situated on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Their commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that they gather.

Certified by DEMETER Bio-Dynamic.