Reset Program Guide - Hard Copy

Reset Program Guide - Hard Copy


Our Reset cleanse and weight loss program guide has been written by Accredited Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf and is a great stand alone educational tool. 

Contains pages of valuable information on the process of detoxification, what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, top liver friendly foods to boost your detox, what to expect, cleansing tips and lots more!

 If you’re located outside of our delivery postcode, now you can Reset by simply purchasing the booklet online and then head in to your closest GOOD BONES stockist to buy the broth. 

Also great for non-broth drinkers who want guidance on a detox & weight loss friendly diet. 

Shipping is included in the price. 

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  • Information on the process of detoxification, weight loss and how the program works
  • A detailed cleansing and weight loss food guide and meal plan
  • Tips to help you through your fasting days 
  • A liver friendly food list to support detoxification using food as medicine
  • Dietary & lifestyle tips to enhance the cleanse and optimise weight loss