Nothing quite cures a winter's cold like a steaming cup of grandma’s chicken soup. That’s what Tony (our co-founder) experienced, and when the recipe was handed down to him he knew he had to do something with it. 

Combining old traditions with modern tastes and lifestyles in mind, our talented chef Briar Macky spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting this recipe into the liquid gold we sell today. All so you can experience health benefits and flavoursome home-cooking without having to spend hours in the kitchen… or visit your grandma.


What makes GOOD BONES™ so good? 

We at Undivided Food Co. are passionate about JERF (Just Eating Real Food) and using food as medicine. Bone broth has been consumed for centuries for its medicinal benefits and apart from it being seriously tasty, it’s one of the most nourishing and healing foods you can eat. Here's why.

What is bone broth and why has it been revered for millenia?

Bone broth is made when bones and vegetables are simmered low and super slow for hours on end. This process draws nutrients out of the bones without letting the heat destroy them. The final product is a thick and flavourful broth packed with vitamins, minerals, and the star player: gelatin.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein formed when collagen is broken down. Collagen is the stuff that makes up the connective tissue in our bodies (bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails and lots more), holding us all together and keeping us strong and intact. Derived from the Greek word Kolla meaning glue, collagen is the body’s natural adhesive. Gelatin is what gives broth its jiggly jelly-like texture.  If there’s no wiggle when you jiggle, then it doesn’t have much of the good stuff.

Why is Gelatin and bone broth so good for you?

Without collagen our bones would break, our skin would sag, our nails would be soft and brittle and our organs would weaken and lose their structure.  As we age, collagen production slows and consequently so does the body’s ability to repair itself. Modern day life and exposure to toxins speeds up this wear and tear process.

Collagen is comprised mostly of amino acids particularly, glycine, proline, arginine and glutamine as well as a range of other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chondroitin. Bone broth isn’t just food for the soul, it’s food for great health.

A daily dose of bone broth is an easy way to replenish the body with these nutrients, thereby supporting collagen production and the body’s natural healing process. All the while in a delicious, natural and easily digestible and absorbable form.

What are the health benefits of bone broth?

Aids in digestion

Bone broth stimulates the release of digestive juices needed to break down food and regulates bile acid which breaks down fat. The nutrients in the broth helps to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria whilst also drawing fluid into the bowel keeping you regular and aiding in the removal of toxic waste.

Supports weight loss and blood sugar regulation

With our GOOD BONES™ Bone Broth containing approximately 35 calories per serve, this is a nourishing food that won’t affect the waistline. Glycine also increases the effect of insulin, the main hormone involved in regulating our blood sugar levels, ensuring our cells use it efficiently as fuel as opposed to being stored as fat.

Heals and seals the lining of the gut

Gelatin reduces gastrointestinal inflammation and also provides the foundation for the cells to rebuild a strong and resilient digestive tract. Each day we expose our gut to stressors (e.g. gluten, poor diet, medications, bad bacteria and stress) that cause wear and tear on the gut lining making it leaky. Leaky gut is a key driver of autoimmunity, food intolerances, skin conditions and other health complications.

Strengthens the immune system

80% of our immune system is located in the gut. If the lining and balance of bacteria is impaired, your internal body is exposed to toxins and foreign materials, putting added stress on the immune system. A strong gut lining and healthy gut flora is the foundation to a strong immune system and our general health.

Supports detoxification and protects the liver

Bone Broth is rich in nutrients that fuel the detoxification process, glycine in particular. Glycine is also needed to produce glutathione, the livers most powerful antioxidant that protects our cells and tissues from free radical damage.

Reduces joint pain and inflammation

Bone broth is rich in hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin compounds extracted from the broken down cartilage. These compounds are important for joint health and reducing inflammation associated conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Improves mood and sleep

Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter having a calming yet non sedative effect. This reduces feelings of stress and anxiety whilst also improving sleep quality. Furthermore, 80% of serotonin is produced in the gut which is the the neurotransmitter responsible for making us happy. A healthy gut is important for a happy and healthy mood.  

Keeps skin tight, hair shiny and nails strong

The gelatin contains key structural elements needed to keep the connective tissue in our skin elastic and free from wrinkles and our hair and nails strong and healthy.

Aids in muscle building and recovery

The gelatin provides nutrients needed to form new muscle and prevent muscle wastage which increases as we age. The gelatin also helps regenerate damaged muscle keeping it in strong and in tact.

Promotes healthy and strong bone formation

The gelatin provides important nutrients for building new bone and preventing them from becoming soft, brittle and prone to fractures.  

Balances out the nutrients needed for diets high in meat

While meat is a healthy part of a balanced diet, it’s also high in methionine which increases homocysteine levels in the blood. Elevated homocysteine levels are inflammatory and associated with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, depression and fractures. The glycine aids in detoxifying and balancing out the methionine levels.

This sounds similar to a stock. How do the two differ?

While bone broth and stock are similar in terms of their uses, their differences vary greatly in quality. Bone broth is a far more superior product due to its cooking process. Whereas bone broth is cooked for hours on end at a low simmer, stock is cooked quickly at a high temperature. This results in a watered-down version in terms of flavour, nutrients and health benefit. Store-bought stocks are also often loaded with nasty preservatives, thickeners, flavours and colours.

This content was written by our consulting Accredited Nutritionist, Stephanie Malouf. If you are experiencing any health conditions or would like to optimise your health with a tailored nutrition plan, Stephanie offers one-on-one consultations in her Sydney based clinic. Contact her at or visit her website.