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Why a bone broth cleanse could be just what you need

Bone broth is the winning superfood superstar of the year. From being the new latte to having its very own café, the nutrient packed health booster has reigned supreme in the wellness world.

According to Undivided Food Co., bone broth supports digestion, can aid in weight loss and strengthens the immune system – hence why chicken noodle soup is alway a go-to when you have the sniffles. In fact, the gelatin found in bone broth can eliminate the toxins and repair a “leaky gut”, by sealing the digestive track and enabling the liver to cleanse and release all the bad stuff.

Considering these health benefits, it should come as no surprise that broth is the new it cleanse.

Bone broth company, Undivided Food Co have created a new approach to cleansing, that combined with a healthy diet can re-set your digestive tract. In turn, this can lead to weight loss, increased energy and greater sense of wellbeing.

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