Lemon Tart Collagen Bar

Lemon Tart Collagen Bar


Chief Collagen Bars 45g

These bars use nuts (instead of dates) as their base and have only 5 grams of carbs per bar. The ingredient list is clean, and they taste fantastic!

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Generally, we steer clear of so-called “health” or protein bars.

Many of these bars are made with dates, which push their sugar content way above levels we are comfortable with. Many have ingredients with names we cannot pronounce. So when Chief Collagen bars recently hit the market, we became big fans. 

If you need a snack, these are a special treat!



Lemon Tart

Dry roasted cashew nuts, grass-fed hydrolysed collagen powder (11g), tapioca starch, pure organic maple syrup, MCT oil powder (MCT Oil, acacia fiber), camu camu powder (natural vitamin C), cold pressed lemon oil, monk fruit powder

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