Meluka Honey

Meluka Honey


Pure Young Manuka Honey 30+ 500g

The less processed honey is, the better! Always aim for a raw honey. It might not look pretty, but is less likely to be heat damaged, keeping its medicinal qualities intact.

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These sweeteners do have carbohydrates in the form of sugars – so if you are following a low carb protocol, then use sparingly. 

Honey has been in the news recently – for all the wrong reasons. More honey is sold globally than is produced! Even Australian honey is implicated with 20% of samples in a recent test found not to be pure. Apparently, the testing system in Australia does not pick up additions such as rice syrup which is often added as it’s a cheaper ingredient. The best course of action is to buy your honey from a beekeeper at your local market.



  • 100% Organic Pure Australian Raw Native Honey

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