21 Detox Tips To Help You RESET

01. Start your day with a squeeze of ½ a lemon in a cup of bone broth or water to give the liver and your bowels a wake-up call.

02. Cleanse your fridge and pantry before you start your cleanse. Throw out any processed or unhealthy foods to ensure you don’t give into your cravings during the tough times. Out of sight, out of mind. This process will also help get you into the right headspace.

03. Stock up your fridge and pantry with whole, unprocessed foods. Enjoy fresh and seasonal fruit and veggies, sustainable and ideally wild caught fish, grass fed beef and lamb, free range chicken and eggs and fibre rich complex carbohydrates such as lentils, chickpeas, beans and whole rolled oats.

04. Choose organic when possible to avoid pesticides and preservatives. Not everything needs to be organic but as a general rule, foods that you eat the skin or peel off or that feature on the dirty dozen list, are best organic.   

05. Plan and prepare. We make bad food choices when we don’t have time. A little thinking ahead and meal planning will allow you to get through the days more easily and stay on track.

06. Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. These foods are more likely to be sourced locally, fresher and therefore more nutrient dense. 

07. Eat slowly and until you’re satisfied. Eating too quickly doesn’t allow time for your digestive system to register that it’s full. Not only does this mean you consume excess calories, but this puts an added strain on your digestive system.

08. Chew and chew until your food becomes liquefied, an important step in the digestion process which is often forgotten. This will take pressure off your stomach and intestines and cause less bloating and digestive upsets.

09. Avoid unnecessary snacking. Increasing the time between your main meals allows your body to focus its energy on detoxing and repairing the body, instead of digesting food which requires a lot of hard work and is a stress on the body. 

10. Add fresh herbs and spices to your meals to boost flavour and health benefits. Re-awaken your taste buds with plenty of fresh herbs and spices such as mint, basil, parsley, coriander, ginger, turmeric and cumin.

11. Eat more fibre rich foods such as beans, lentils, fruit and vegetables. Fibre binds to toxins and keeps your bowels moving, preventing toxic waste build up.

12. Take deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose, keeping your mouth closed and deep until your diaphragm expands. Stop. Exhale slowly through the mouth and repeat. This style of breathing calms the mind and body, oxygenates your cells and helps to regulate the bodies pH levels.

13. Minimise stress and toxic emotions. During times of stress, the body releases the hormone cortisol which then sends signals all throughout the body to prepare for an ‘attack’. During this time the body stops healing and repairing itself. Calming practices such as mediation, taking a bath or practicing deep breathing are great ways to de-stress.

14. Get 8 hours of sleep per night to detox the brain. Whilst we are sleeping our brain removes neural toxins whilst also repairing and regenerating new brain cells to optimise our brain power. 

15. Avoid eating on the go. Eating when on the run or when in a stressed state shifts blood flow away from your digestive system and can cause digestive problems.

16. Massage your body or use a dry brush to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

17. Be mindful of what you are breathing in and remove yourself from toxic smells or chemicals. Avoid second hand smoke, use natural candles and scents and  indoor plants to absorb the indoor toxins and air chemicals.

18. Reduce your chemical load. Many beauty and cleaning products are loaded with toxic chemicals. Find natural substitutes like coconut oil as a moisturiser and hair treatment or tea tree oil and vinegar as a house cleaning agent to minimise your toxic exposure.

19. Sweat to eliminate more toxins through the skin. Sweat through exercise, steams or infrared saunas.  

20. Drink cleansing teas to support detoxification, digestion and keep you hydrated. Some great ones include green, dandelion root, licorice and peppermint.

21. Get moving daily for 20-40 minutes outside in the fresh air. This doesn’t need to be high intensity but enough to get your heart rate up!

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