We are Undivided. Seriously.

Tony Adams


Tony worked in the financial markets in Sydney and New York for 20 years. After retiring he focused his time on trying to heal his autoimmune disease and gut problems. Frustrated with conventional doctors, he found an integrative medical practitioner who used food as the primary source of healing. As 80% of the immune system lives in the gut, gut healing was a key part of ensuring his autoimmune disease went and stayed in remission.

Bone broth played a big role in his road to recovery and healing the gut. It was a much longer journey than he anticipated and he now wants to help others improve their health by providing them with accessible healing healthy foods. When a mutual friend introduced Tony and Janine (partner in life, crime and biz) to Briar at the beginning of 2015, it was immediately apparent they shared a passion for bone broth and a better way of eating. Work commenced on a purpose-built dream kitchen and the relentless pursuit of a better food system; firstly, with bone broth.

When Tony’s not busy broth-elising the world, you’ll find him volunteering at his local cricket club.

Briar Macky


The broth maker, Briar lovingly produces every pouch of our GOOD BONES™ broth. Born and raised in New Zealand, Briar grew up in a family where food has always played an important role. Right from the start, she has believed in the power of food to nourish, heal and connect.

A relative late comer to the food industry, Briar left behind a marketing career to, like Tony, begin a pursuit for a better food system. It started with online study, then work as a private chef and finally gaining commercial experience as a chef at one of Sydney's most popular and busy restaurants.

The final fusion of passion and purpose came when she met Tony and Janine and UNDIVIDED FOOD CO was born.

When she’s not up to her eyeballs in bones, Briar is passionate about food equality, providing nourishing food to those that need it the most, working with social enterprise Two Good Co.  Outside of the kitchen, she can be found swimming, sailing, hiking, and practicing yoga and vedic meditation.

Janine Adams


Janine retired from stockbroking some time ago, after more than 20 years in the industry. Since then her interests have developed largely in the area of sustainability – building an eco-friendly house and growing organic fruit and vegetables. Janine also spends a lot of time in the kitchen, slow cooking, baking and learning how to use/eat large quantities of seasonal produce.  Food intolerances within her family have led to much experimentation cooking without gluten and dairy.

Stephanie Malouf


Stephanie is an accredited nutritionist with a practical perspective on healthy living. Coming from a corporate background, both locally and in New York, she knows what it’s like to be time-poor and burn the candle at both ends. Through personal experience she discovered that finding a healthy balance and feeling great doesn’t need to be difficult, yet it can be life-changing.

Having healed herself with a key focus on gut health, Stephanie now helps people restore and optimise their health, practicing out of her Sydney-based clinic in Double Bay. When Tony approached Stephanie to be involved with UNDIVIDED FOOD CO. and build an offering of healthy, healing and convenient foods starting with GOOD BONES™ bone broth, it was a no-brainer.