Sustenance beyond our bellies


We’re committed to preserving and protecting our environment and supporting our community. If you have an initiative that you think we might be interested in supporting, please contact us at



We have partnered with Ocean Recovery Alliance to reduce our plastic footprint. Using the Plastic Disclosure Project platform, we report and measure our plastic usage. Based on this data, we then donate the necessary amount of funds annually to Plastic Catch which supports fisherman in Hong Kong and soon Cambodia, China and other locations to retrieve plastic from the ocean, offsetting our plastic footprint. 

From just $1 a day, you too can offset your plastic footprint by donating here.

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After calculating our carbon emissions, we engaged foodwatershelter to plant 400 trees to offset our carbon emissions. foodwatershelter is a not-for-profit organisation in East Africa that builds and manages eco-friendly villages. In these villages educational, social, health, permaculture and micro-business facilities are provided for vulnerable women, their children and orphans.

The money donated by Undivided Food Co. in 2018 went to planting new trees in and around the Kesho Leo Children’s Village. Each tree will provide shade, mulch for the shamba, food for the animals and residents, and also remove carbon from the atmosphere. Learn more about foodwatershelter here.

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