Introducing our New Side Hustle!

At Undivided Food Co. we are constantly working hard to create ‘better for you’ products that not only taste delicious but are made only with GOOD ingredients. We are excited to have two new additions to our GOOD family. Both traditional condiment favourites that are far healthier than the commercial varieties currently available on the shelves.




Made with good fats from olive oil and free range whole eggs, combined with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, mustard powder, salt and rosemary extract to create a rich and creamy texture that’s finger licking GOOD and 100% guilt free!

  • NO sugar

  • NO gluten

  • NO dairy

  • NO thickeners

  • NO artificial colours,

  • NO preservatives or additives and of course

  • NO cheap and unhealthy vegetable oils.

GOOD Sauce

Our ketchup is packed with the goodness of organic tomatoes and sweetened naturally with balsamic vinegar and monk fruit. And the best news is it contains only 1 gram of carb per serve!

  • NO refined sugar

  • NO artificial sweeteners

  • No erythritol

  • NO artificial flavours or additives

  • NO gluten

  • NO evil nasties

Undivided Food