A BIG win for our BIG dream


When we started Undivided Food Co. almost 2 years ago, one of our primary goals was to get our broth into hospitals to nourish those that needed it the most. As of last week, we are extremely proud to say that this dream is starting to come to life with GOOD BONES Certified Organic Bone Broth now being sold at Windscreens Café at the Royal Hospital for Women Randwick. 

We will continue to strive to see this dream evolve further, and we are currently discussing the benefit in having this health promoting food easily accessible to patients, visitors and staff with other hospitals. 

So if you’re at the Royal Hospital For Women in Randwick (@Windscreenscafe_rhw_randwick) or in the area, be sure to grab a pouch for you or your loved ones. The broth is being sold frozen however the café will heat it up for you, so you can enjoy a cup or two of hot nourishing broth on the spot for you, a friend or to take to a patient. 

In the words of our good friend and ambassador, Scott Gooding, “There is still a great deal of improvement to be made in providing nourishing food for our sick and recovering but this is a BIG WIN in my eyes.” Ours too.


Here are some ways that GOOD BONES can assist those in hospital:

  • Anyone wanting to replenish their body with vitamins, minerals and gelatin in an easily digestible and absorbable form.

  • People who lack an appetite but need to support their body

  • People who are preparing for a colonoscopy

  • Anyone recuperating after surgery

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