Slow Roasted Garlic and Lemon Chicken

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This is a truly easy and rewarding recipe: you just put everything in the roasting dish and leave it to cook in the oven, pervading the house, with the scent of lemon, thyme and garlic. Nothing better.

Serves 5


5 x chicken maryland pieces
1 bulb of garlic (separated into unpeeled cloves)
2 unwaxed lemons - cut into chunky eighths
a generous handful fresh thyme
4 tablespoons olive oil
300 mls white wine
500 mls GOOD BONES™ Organic Chicken Bone Broth
black pepper

Option to add veggies to roast at the same time. We used kumera (purple sweet potato) and cauliflower. 


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C.

  2. Put the chicken pieces into a roasting tin and add the garlic cloves, lemon chunks and the thyme; just roughly pull the leaves off the stalks, leaving some intact for strewing over later. Add the oil and using your hands mix everything together, then spread the mixture out, making sure all the chicken pieces are skin side up.

  3. Pour over the white wine and broth and grind on some pepper, then cover tightly with foil and put in the oven to cook, at flavour-intensifyingly low heat, for 2 hours. Add your choice of vegetables after one hour of cooking. 

  4. Remove the foil from the roasting tin, and turn up the oven to 200°C. Cook the uncovered chicken for another 30-45 minutes, by which time the skin on the meat will have turned golden brown and the lemons will have begun to scorch and caramelise at the edges.

  5. Serve straight from the roasting tin for the ultimate easy, yet impressive meal!!

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