Super Simple Fish Curry

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Last week we experimented with a super simple fish curry. We used chicken bone broth, coconut milk, turmeric and freshly cracked pepper as our base. This combo is one we love to drink straight out of the mug and wondered how it might work to form the basis of a curry. Turns out… it works pretty damn well!

Here’s what we did…

Serves 5


1 onion, roughly chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely sliced
Thumb sized knob of ginger, finely sliced
Leek, copped
1 tbsp tumeric
500ml GOOD BONES™ Organic Chicken Bone Broth
400ml coconut milk
Salt & Pepper to taste
1kg Terakihi or any white fish fillets
2 cups of roughly chopped veggies, like carrot and sweet potato


  1. Sauté onion, garlic, leek and plenty of ginger in coconut oil.

  2. Once soft and translucent, add the tumeric and stir until it’s coating the veggies. Then add the bone broth, coconut milk, salt and pepper to taste. 

  3. Now add your choice of veggies and fish (or chicken!)… we added carrots, purple sweet potato and Terakihi fish. 

  4. Simmer on low until veggies and fish are cooked and liquid has reduced a little… the fish will start to break into flakes when lightly prodded. 

  5. Top with coriander. Enjoy with rice, cauli rice or some fresh green veggies.    

Note: You could add more spices for a bit more punch… but we quite enjoyed the simplicity and subtlety of flavours :)

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