Why Bone Broth is the ultimate cold & flu cure

That winter chill is finally in the air and slowly but surely people are getting struck by the dreaded cold and flu.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ and when it comes to a cold or flu nothing quite fixes you right up like a big bowl of grandma’s chicken soup. But what exactly is it about granny’s soup that makes it so healing…and darn tasty?

The secret is that grandma cooked her soup in chicken bones on low heat for hours and hours, just like we do with our GOOD BONES™ Bone Broth. This slow cooking process draws all the nutrients out of the bones which not only gives it a rich and delicious flavour but makes it heavily concentrated in immune boosting minerals.  

Another healing characteristic of this slow cooked chicken soup is that all the nutrients have been broken down in a form that’s easy for our body to absorb. When we eat food, our body has to go through a complex number of reactions to break down all the foods into tiny absorbable nutrient particles. This is a stressful process on the digestive system and entire body. 

When we are sick with a cold and flu, our body is working hard at fighting an infection. To support the immune system, it is important that you minimise any form of stress on the body so all the energy and focus can be given to our immune fighting cells in warring off the infection. Bone broth supports the immune system by giving it a big dose of immune boosting minerals without the burden of a stressful digestive process.

Furthermore, chicken bone broth is rich in the amino acid cysteine which is effective in breaking down mucus helping to clear out the passage way so you can breeeathe.

Starting to feel a little sniffle coming on? Better get yourself over to grandma’s, or a big steaming cup of our GOOD BONES™  Bone Broth.

And rest up!