Organic vs Non-Organic Bone Broth

The health of the animals the bones are derived from significantly influences the health benefits derived from the bone broth. That is why GOOD BONES™ is made from organic ingredients and in particular organic bones from free range chickens and grass fed cows. The term organic has become a key buzz word but what exactly does organic mean? Our nutritionist Stephanie Malouf explains.

The term organic means that the production methods used excludes chemical fertilisers, pesticides, growth hormones and/or antibiotics.  The scary truth about the food manufacturing industry is their use of some or all of these additives which pose significant health risks to consumers’, especially as it relates to animal based products. As the population and demand for animal products increases, so does the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. Due to the confined and overcrowded nature of some of the farms, this fosters an environment for infection and disease in the animals. Antibiotics are an effective way to suppress these infections and the growth hormones as the name suggests, speeds the growth of the animals so they can service this fast growing demand.

When the animals are exposed to these types of chemicals and toxins, they are absorbed through the bones and into the marrow. During the low and slow cooking process of bone broth, the bones and the added veggies and herbs are broken down and if poor quality ingredients are used, these nasty substances are released into the broth and passed onto those consuming it. It's no wonder why antibiotic resistance is also on the rise. 

Even animals raised on conventional farms that are grass fed may be exposed to toxins from the fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the pastures. Furthermore, lead toxicity has been shown to be elevated in animals exposed to water and soil from non organic farms. Exposure to high amounts of lead can result in headaches, impaired growth, behavioural problems, lack of energy, learning difficulties and more. This is of even greater concern for those who are drinking bone broth to help treat specific health ailments such as autoimmunity and allergies as avoiding all types of toxins is essential. 

Animals living as nature intended have healthy GOOD BONES needed to produce the best tasting and health promoting bone broth possible. At Undivided Food Co, we have sourced the best quality certified organic ingredients from farmers dedicated to sustainable, organic and natural farming practices. The rigorous certification process ensures the integrity of their production methods so that we can deliver you a premium product that you paid for. That's our dedication to you. 

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