How Fasting On Our Reset Program Burns Fat

Fasting reduces your insulin levels and increases its sensitivity

Insulin is the hormone responsible for your cells using the carbs as energy or storing it as fat. When your sugar levels are chronically high from a diet high carbohydrate or sugar, your cells become resistant to insulin and the ability to effectively burn the sugar as fuel.  Your body then reacts to this by pumping out more insulin, leading to more fat storage. This is the main driver of type 2 diabetes and obesity. When you fast, your insulin levels drop, allowing them to become more sensitive to the sugar. This allows insulin to better utilise the carbs as energy rather than store it as fat.

Fasting burns stored fat

To get rid of the fat that's stored in your fat cells, you need to break down the fatty acids. In order for your cells to function, particularly the brain, it needs to maintain a certain level of glucose in the blood. In the absence of food, particularly carbohydrates and sugar, the hormone glucagon is released which then signals the energy stores to be released by the liver and muscle cells as well as the release fatty acids from the fat cells to use the fat as fuel. In addition to this, fasting bumps up your adrenaline levels which increase the amount of calories you burn at rest. 

Fasting reduces inflammation in the body

Obesity is a form of inflammation and the more inflamed your body is, the more weight you gain. The more weight you gain, the more inflammation in the body.  This becomes a vicious cycle.  Inflammation can be caused by a range of factors such as toxins, too much sugar in the blood, immune attacks and poor diet. Researches have found that when in a fasted state, your body releases a compound called β-hydroxybutyrate which has anti-inflammatory effect, knocking out inflammation and therefore resulting in easier weight loss and overall health.

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