Fresh Is Best

GOOD BONES™ was the first certified organic fresh bone broth product made in Australia because we believe fresh is best. To increase the shelf life of bone broth or to create a shelf stable product means potentially exposing the broth to harsh processing techniques such as ultra high temperatures or sterilisation. The more you process the broth, the more nutrients you destroy.

To further maintain the integrity and quality of our product we've added no stabilisers, preservatives or artificial flavourings. Instead we allow the natural flavours from the organic herbs, vegetables and broth to speak for themselves.

Want this GOODness to last longer? We simply suggest using the age old natural preserving method of freezing. This maintains freshness without compromising our product. 

Did you know that by freezing GOOD BONES™ you get an additional 6 MONTHS shelf life past it’s use by date? Stock up your freezer now for quick and easy access at any time. 

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