5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic

1. It's Free From Artificial Additives

Conventionally manufactured food products are often loaded with additives such as artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. These are used to make the products more cost effective, increase their shelf life and enhancing or replicating flavours to make them taste more like the 'real thing'. These chemicals however can also result in health implications such as overburdening the liver, promoting heart disease, migraines and hyperactivity.  

2. It Tastes Better

Soil that is free of chemicals is richer in nutrients and ultimately more nourished.  This improves the quality of the plants making them richer in flavour and therefore taste better. 

3. It's Pesticide Free

Over 400 chemical pesticides are used in conventional farming as a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for controlling weeds and pests that destroy the crops. There is now evidence that some of these chemicals pose a risk to humans. Firstly they kill the bacteria that reside in our digestive tract which play a key role in our health such as digesting our food and regulating our immune system. These chemicals can also result in neural and cardiotoxic health issues and drive hormonal imbalances.

4. It's Free From Added Hormones & Antibiotics

Drugs such as growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics are widely used in farming practices to speed up the growth of the animals and to prevent and treat infections. When the animal products are consumed by humans, so too are the drugs which causes antibiotic resistance making us more susceptible to infections as well as drug toxicities and hormonal imbalances.

5. You Are Supporting Local Farmers

Most organic farms are small, independently owned family farms. These are becoming phased out as they struggle to compete with conventional farming systems due to economies of scale. The more you demand organic products, the more these local farmers can compete and survive.  


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