Bone Broth – A Natural Remedy for Leaky Gut


Bone broth is great natural healing remedy for leaky gut caused by poor diets, medications, stress, infections and environmental toxins. It's packed with easily absorbable nutrients with powerful intestine-healing properties which include:

Collagen reduces inflammation in the gut which causes damage to the gut lining.  

Glutamine helps to rebuild and repair damaged cells in the gut wall and reduce inflammation. Glutamine also improves metabolism and protects the intestinal lining from further damage.

Glycine stimulates acid secretions supporting IBS and acid reflux caused by impaired digestion. Glycine also helps regulate blood cholesterol and helps with fat digestion.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate creates a healing mucus that has the ability to calm inflammation. They also strengthen the good bacteria that live in the gut and decrease the effects of the bad bacteria

Incorporating bone broth into your diet regularly will help keep your gut highly sealed, reduce inflammation and protect you against stressors that put the body out of balance.

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