Time to 'Pause For A Cause' and hit the Reset button

Happy first day of Feb! This also means it’s the first day of febfast.

For those of you that don’t know what febfast is, it’s a fundraiser that asks you to ‘pause for a cause.’ You hit pause on alcohol, sugar or something of your choice for the month of Feb and your supportive friends and family sponsor you on your journey to better health.

The money raised funds youth workers who dedicate their time to support young Australians aged 12-25, who are experiencing hardships such as mental health issues, abuse, neglect, and drug abuse. 

For every $36 dollars raised, a young disadvantaged Australian can access one hour of support. 

Whilst most of us want to hit the start button on feeling better, more energised, productive, lighter and healthier overall…often we just don’t know how or where to begin. If you can relate, then the GOOD BONES cleanse and weight loss programs created by our nutritionist Stephanie Malouf might be the perfect way for you to get involved in febfast and help you kick some healthy goals whilst being guided every step of the way.

Go hard or go home we say. Why not hit pause on it all... alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed foods and other unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits by following our 21-Day Reset or 7-Day Kick Starter programs?

And to show our support....

For every cleanse program that's purchased during the month of February, Undivided Food Co. will donate 10% of proceeds to febfast!

Taking part in this wonderful cause whilst following the programs will help you stay on track whilst also giving back. 

Don't forget to register for febfast as well, it's not too late!

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